Friday, March 18, 2011

quick update

This is going to be a real quick update with some BIG BIG news!
A. I passed med surg...yay me. One step closer to graduating nursing school!
B. Lane is doing great. He is sitting up really well and cooing around his trach like a mad man!

and drumroll please......
C. DECANNULATION- thats right. May 10th if all goes well Mr. Lane is going to be trach free for good!!! We have a bronch on april 15 to check the vocal cords and if that goes well we are all clear for the 10th! Can we say PARTY for Mr. Lane

Lane will be turning one very shortly and o my what a first year of life. I will post a proper update on that coming soon!

Also we are walking in april for the march of dimes. Our team is now accepting donations. Go to and search for Lane's Warriors if you are interested in helping us out! Thanks for reading and again proper update is on it's way!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fairy Tales

I remember as a little girl dreaming of being grown up one day. Being a doctor or lawyer and marrying my prince charming in a huge ceremony. We would buy a huge house and have adorable little kids running around. Life would be perfect, just like in the movies. Rich and successful, what everyone wanted! It was a fairy tale I, and every other little girl, kept with me for a long time. My fairy tale didn't include anything short of perfect. Hey, it was my dream.

My fairy tale did not make room for lifes ups and downs. It would be the way I thought in my mind it should be and nothing else was an option.

My fairty tale did not visualize marrying my high school sweetheart before finishing college, having a baby at nineteen (let alone a special needs baby), struggling financially at times, or having any other hardship.

Fairy tales are about:





Being Mad

...and Happy



Chillin' Out

Good rest after a hard
days work..

Simply enjoying life
to it's fullest!

Turns out I got my fairy tale!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

home and happy

We are home and Lane is super happy about it. I will post a proper update soon!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

still here...

We are still at riley. Lane's having a lot of problems breathing now. He is breathing extremley fast..sometimes hitting seventy breaths a minute and has had some issues with desating which is where the oxygen in his body is getting too low. It seems so crazy that now, of all times, he is having breathing problems. He has never had oxygen issues and it would have made more sense when he had the trach put in or when he was born than it does now. I have not gotten an answer yet on what is causing this. Hopefully they can turn this around quick so we can just go home. It is so hard to be here sometimes. It just gets depressing being held hostage in this place.

I also realize I never really followed up with what got us here to begin with. After being discharged on Wednesday last week Lane seemed pretty good. Saturday morning he woke up fussing. I really didn't think much about it. He cried all day Saturday unless he was asleep. I still was not overly concerned because he was not vomiting or unresponsive so I really thought he just had a bug. Well, Sunday came and he was STILL crying. Around ten I had had enough and took him to the ER. I still thought it was just a bug but something needed done. Turns out it was the shunt causing the problems as you know. I really hope they got it fixed this time. Poor guy got stuck literally 20 times trying to get an IV and still didn't get one. The had to do it during surgery poor baby.

So with anyluck we will be home very soon! I have no idea what this breathing stuff is going to put us in but hopefully it's manageable at home!

Again thank you all for your prayers, thoughts, concern, and interest!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Headed home...hopefully?!?!?!?!

Lane is doing well today. They revised the shunt again. The doctor said there was some mild bleeding in the brain which she thinks triggered an immune reaction that clogged the shunt. She went in and cleaned out the ventricles of the brain to check for active bleeding and she found none! So Lane has a brand new shunt and some really clean ventricles!!

Last night he woke up from surgery super happy.
Some quick phone snap shots of the smiles I had not seen in a few days.

O he is so precious. We are hoping to all get home tonight! I had to come take a test for finals so  I am waiting on the call to come back or wait here at home. It really sucks not being there even though it has only been a few hours. Daddy and Grandma Chrissy are there with him though!

The only thing holding them there is since the surgery lane has started making a whistling noise. It sounds kind of like the stridor before the trach but not quite. He just keeps coughing so it is irritating him. Pulmonary is suppose to be looking at him anytime now to see what is going on. They said it was a leak in his airway. Dare I wish that this shunt surgery fixed the vocal cords!!! I am doing my best not to jump the gun on that one.

Well that is all for now here. I will update as soon as I get some more info. Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers! Danielle