Monday, July 26, 2010

3 months......a long awaited update

Hello all, I want to start this post with a huge apology for my few updates in the last few months. Lane turned 3 months old on July 13th and has grown to 11 pounds and 12 ounces. On the 13th and 14th we made a trip to the spina bifida clinic at riley in indy. It was an overall great trip. Lane's bladder and kidneys looked great. He is not holding his head up yet so we have to do some major work in that area.(He is really making big improvements since) We had a swallow study and Lane actually had improved on his aspiration though still aspirating. They decided he can have one ounce of ultra thick formula through a preemie nipple three times a day. All other feeds must be ng. He LOVES his bottle and thinks its quite awful that he only gets one ounce.

While in indy Lane had been very junky sounding and had started a little whistling noise called stridor. His pulmonologist gave him steroids and albuteral to get him over it. Well...he never got over it. The stridor got worse to the point where you could hear him breathing from the other room so we took him to er. They sent us home. Two days later he was still worse so we took him back and they kept him at good samaritan hospital for two days. There he was diagnosed with croup although they wondered about it because it had been lasting for over three weeks. They sent us home on steroids once again. By that afternoon(this past thursday) he was the worse he had ever been so I called and took him to richland memorial in olney. His pediatrician did not think he had croup so we stayed there till sunday and were shipped to riley....

...and so here we are. I'm sitting at a computer at riley hospital( my come to be second(or first) home). Lane is doing much better for some reason but the doctors here want to know what was causing the problems so we have a lot of tests to do until something shows up. He had a bronchoscopy today which is where they run a camera down your throat to look at the structure of the vocal cords. That test came back normal with his floppy airway much improved. So we are now waiting for another sleep study to be scheduled and a gastric emptying test and an upper gi test tomorrow.

They had taken Lanes bottle feeds away but I think we are going to repeat our swallow study tomorrow. Pray that he does well and can go on bottle feeds completely.

Well thats a little bit of new info for all you followers for now. There is gonna be a benefit held in Lanes honor this saturday so we hope to get out of here and attend. I hope you all are having a great summer. Thanks for following....

Friday, July 9, 2010

12 weeks.........

Not really anything new this week. Lane is 10 pounds 14 ounces. We are all doing really well. Roger and I have been so blessed with such a happy, beautiful little boy. Lane smiles, laughs, and coos all the time now. He has really got the hang of rolling from belly to back...though he will not let his grandma mary see!!!! Next week we head to indy for a lot of appointments. We will be going to the spina bifida clinic where we will see neurology, orthopedics, developmental peds, and urology. We also have an appt with lanes pulmonary dr. The two important tests Lane will be having is a renal ultrasound and a swallow study. Please pray that both go well and Lane gets to lose the feeding tube and get a bottle. We really appreciate all the prayers. Extensive update sometime next week...I'm gonna try to update both Tuesday and Wednesday but we shall see as i will be very busy!