Thursday, January 6, 2011

The new year...and a little more...

2010 ended well at the deisher house! Lane recieved every toy available for an eight month old within three states at Christmas (I'm really not kidding) and we all had a great time with family and friends this Holiday season!

The new year has begun and we are looking forward to it joyfully. I am ready to spend the year with our little guy and we are praying hard for a HEALTHY year for Mr. Lane. We are looking forward to possible removal of the trach and g-tube this spring and maybe a walking baby! As for me I'm looking forward to a summer vacation with my little guy. Three full months of fun in the sun with Lane...count me in!!!!

To begin this new year we have a to do list( I swear it never ends). We are trying to move across the river which envolves new pt, medical supplies, pediatrician, and yay basically everything but thats ok! I am starting nursing classes in just a few days and Roger is working like a mad man to make it all happen! I love you hunny. :)

So since Lane is a healthy little guy I think a list of his new tricks and trades is an approprate way to inform you all of his progress!
Lane is now...
able to roll over!!!
bearing weight on his legs...amazing
sitting with his hands between his legs
blowing bubbles
taking anything you have
lunging for anything he wants
reaching for people and things....mostly things lol
fighting sleep
having a serious fit if you take something away
"talking" as much as a baby with a trach can!!!
removing the vent from his trach and eating it....
fully eating orally...bottle and baby food
making these awful faces that only a redhead could make
crying for his mommy for however long he must until the "holder" gives him up
critically examining objects
still sucking that thumb
working on the sippy cup
getting some hair finally
pulling his legs up to a crawling position when on his tummy
and...well just getting spoiled rotten...
    I'm sure i have forgotten many things, but he is simply amazing!!!!!

Of course pictures....
giving himself his neb..

santa baby!!!!

milk and cookies

Christmas Morning!!!!

What's in my stocking????

Opening my toys

It's just too much :)