Wednesday, June 1, 2011

finally an update...sorry

Wow, I just realized how long its been since I actually updated and I have left everyone hanging on a few major things! First of all Lane did not decannulate May 10th as planned. When he had his bronch on April 15 they saw that his airway was still pretty floppy and collapsing in on itself. We are hoping to decanulate in October now. If the trach is not out by October we will be waiting till spring unfortunately to try again.

Lane is doing AMAZING! Since starting therapy I can see such a big difference in his strength. He stands up straighter now and does not depend on the table nearly as much as he did. He sits like a champ. He is learning well how to transition from sitting to laying and the other way around. He is starting to pull himself on his belly (aka army crawling)! I think our baby will be on the move VERY soon! He is getting braces in July so hopefully he will be walking by this fall. Our therapist is doing really great at teaching me how to work with him so we are making progress.

Lane loves to be outside now that we have tackled his allergy problems. He is a grass picker lol! He takes after us on his love of the outdoors.

Well this is a short update but that is a good thing in our life! Some recent pics of course too!