Tuesday, June 29, 2010

11 weeks

Lane is now 11 weeks old and growing steady at about 10 and a half pounds. What a week we have had!!!  First off Lane is doing absoluetely amazing developmentally, he has really started smiling a bunch and he is rolling over for mommy....he wont for anyone else though...lol. He has started cooing a little but is much more content to just sit back and take it all in:) On sunday Lane laughed for the first time. I was talking about him peeing all over me and he started smiling and laughing like he knew what we were talking about....it was way too funny! Sunday was also one of the most stressful days of my life. Sunday morning Lane projectile vomited and choked on it. His heart monitor was going off and he was not breathing. It scared the crap out of me. I took him to the hospital because  I was worried about his shunt. They ran bloodwork and saw his potassium was high. They decided to lifeline him to indy by helicoptor. My heart sank as I watched them load him up and fly away then it was a mad dash to riley in indianapolis.It turned out it was just dehydration and after 24 hours we were allowed to bring him home. So in the end all is well and we are happy and playful again. I will be updating again as we are headed to riley for a ton of appointments in a few weeks. have a great 4th !!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

9 weeks

Well the last few weeks I have missed my updates as things have been completely uneventful. Lane is now nine weeks old and weighing in at a whopping nine pounds. He is really chunking up!!! He turned two months old just a few days ago and that was a rough day for mom. All is well, still on the feeding tube. We go back to the dr in July. Lane has been battling a cold but I think we are finally getting things under control. Roger and I will be celebrating our one year anniversary on Sunday. What a first year of marriage we have had! Here are the late but promised pictures........
he was just sitting with his paci like this lol
mommys paci baby
in the bath
with daddy
with his great great gran and pampa
my little guy is chunkin up
Lane and mommy

Friday, June 4, 2010

7 weeks

I want to apologize for the late update but i have some news so it's a plus i waited. On tuesday lane turned seven weeks old, wednesday we went to see his pediatrician. Lane is weighing in at eight pounds nine ounces and going strong. he is getting so big!!! i dont know how people have babies this size...he would never have fit! On thursday I met with a developmental therapist and speech therapist. They both said Lane looks amazing and is doing better than they had ever expected. He is on track developmentally and his physical therapist said she will be back in three months but highly doubts we need her until lane is around ten months old. She assured me he will walk and may not even need therapy to do so...just some ankle braces. She said she really thinks he will crawl on his own and no problems sitting! I am so excited at this great news. Lane is really growing into his red headed temper. I thought his hair would turn blonde but so far it is still a bright red! He has become fascinated with my face and always has ahold of my shirt or necklace. His pulmonary doctor called yesterday and said that his last sleep study was just now read and Lane has no sleep apnea no more which means he can come off his monitor but I have still put it on him at night as I sleep better knowing he is breathing..... July thirteenth and fourteenth we will be headed back to indy to see a ton of doctors including our first visit to the spina bifida clinic and another  swallow study. Well thats all I have for an update now....i promise i will add more pics just have to find time.