Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Huge and Super late update!!!!!

It's been six months since I updated this and I am so sorry to all my blogger followers. This is going to be a short update full of BIG news for everyone! I will start at May when Lane had his trach decannulation. Yes you read that right we are trach free! Six weeks later his g-tube followed so we now have NO tubes left! Lane's braces changed this spring and we went to a brace on the front of his leg as opposed to his old bracing on the back which helps him stand much better.

Lane's speech has exploded since decannulation and he actually has already started and graduated out of speech therapy. He is repeating EVERYTHING we say and has gotten to be quite a bossy little thing!

Lane is walking really well with his new walker! Yep we have a new walker too! Pictures to follow!

Other than that Lane is growing and is so smart. He is counting to three, naming all his body parts, and we are working on colors. The nurse practioner at clinic last week actually said he was the smartest two year old she has seen in a really long time!

As for mommy and daddy we are great! I ran my half marathon in louisville kentucky for Team Spina Bifida and it was wonderful! I also graduated and passed state board for my RN and love my new job! Daddy is doing great too!