Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dear Mom...

Dear Mom,
I learned a lot of my own parenting skills from you. You taught me so many things about being a mom. I never really get the chance to thank you for those things. Thank you for always putting your wants last. Thank you for sacrificing something you needed for something I wanted. Thank you for always protecting me from things I did not know were threatening. For always pushing me into God. For making me come home at an early time. Thank you for never accepting a B on a grade card. You knew I could always make A's. You instilled the values of love and strength in me. You showed me how to be strong and that has helped me so much in being a mother to Lane. Thanks for dropping everything your doing to come over so I can have a break and leaving work regardless of the punishment to meet me at the er with Lane.Thanks for always listening to me as I vent to you. Thank you for your encouragement. I am sorry for all the times I hurt your feelings growing up. I never really thought about what I was doing or saying. I grew up fast, I am sorry now. As a mother I know I don't want Lane to grow up and I was always in such a hurry. I want you to know I love you and appreciate all you do. You were there when I had Lane even though that meant leaving my brother three hours away for awhile. Thank you for staying and comforting me while Lane was at another hospital with his dad. I really needed you at that moment. I could spend all night listing all I am thankful for. I guess I really just need to thank God for giving me you as a mom. I hope you had a good day today. Happy Mother's Day. Remember I will always love you Mom.

Thanks Mom,
Love Danielle

a couple of pictures

Just realized I have not added any pics lately so here are a few more...


A sucker in the car...not mommys best idea!

Mothers Day with an update!

Update- Lane is doing so well. We finally made it home from the hospital and got over the pneumonia. Sorry it took so long to update you. I have been finishing up this year of nursing school and am glad to say that I am done for the summer. Hopefully I can get some more blogging done now! Lane started pulling up a few weeks ago. He has a little table that he pulls up and stands there to play with. It is such a miracle watching him stand. He has been playing catch up developmentally lately. In the last few weeks he has learned to wave, clap, play peek a boo, and laugh when you tell him no. He is just blossoming everyday as he learns new things. Well this is short as my brain is working to fast to keep up. Hope it made since. I will get to a better update soon!

Mothers Day- This mothers day is extra special to me. At one time in the darkest of days after lane's birth, Drs were telling me I would spend this Mothers Day childless. It amazes me that they were so very wrong, even though they were convinced they were so right. As it is I have had a wonderful day with a beautiful baby boy that happens to be the best gift ever!

I would also like to say that I have had many people message me about how great a mother I am! Thank you but I truly an just an ordinary mother. I may have a busier day than some and do stuff most people would have nightmares about but us special needs mothers are just like all moms. We get tired, we have breakdowns, we need breaks, we have moments where everyone drives us crazy! Sometimes on the outside we seem strong, but inside we are crumbling. We love our kids and cherish every moment with them Just like all of you!

So I ask you all one thing, enjoy your kids and be thankful for them not only today but each and every day! Happy Mother's Day to you all.

Here is a pic of Lane standing. I am just holding his ankles to keep them from rolling since he doesn't have braces yet!