Monday, November 22, 2010

Update TIme

Sorry it's been a while but I Really have had nothing to update about. Lane is doing amazing and is getting REALLY close to sitting up by himself. I'm still in school and Roger is doing great. The mri showed no change thankfully:) Here are some pictures! I have added some nursery pics finally! Thanks for painting it Grandma Karon!! Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!
finally some nursery pics!!!!!
nursery closet
lion and monkey in nursery
holdin his bottle like a big boy
reading just like mommy
still studying
nursery again...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

6th month riley trip~!

Hello again, yesterday we got back from our two day trip to indy. Overall we had some really good news and it was the best trip yet. Mary, Lane, and I started up Tuesday morning and had a swallow study first thing. Lane passed!!! He is safe to swallow and eat! However, he adamantly refused to suck on the bottle so we are going to see speech therapy. We decided on Wed. morning to try ( with dr approval) adding a few drops of chocalate syrup to his formula and it worked! Lane loves chocolate formula so we are simply going to slowly increase oral intake and decrease tube intake for a few weeks until he is completely off the tube. He also has started baby food and he is loving that too. We are very excited about this new process we are finally able to enjoy. We went to clinic later Tuesday and again got some really good reports. Lane is doing well and they just want us to add occupational therapy every week. That is easy enough! We also had the pleasure of seeing Jeremiah and Hannah Mcadams on Tuesday and boy is he cute. He is doing really well. Pictures of that meeting to follow, and no we did not plan the shirt thing :) Tuesday evening we enjoyed some really good pasta at the Old Spaghetti Factory and I highly recommend it. Wednesday was great we had excellant reports from neurosurgery and urology. The urologist had a really great report! Overall things are going great and Lane is loving his newfound taste buds! We head back the seventeenth for an mri! Wish us luck. Keep looking for more updates, Danielle.

Me, Lane, Jeremiah, and Hannah

Mr. Lane....