Saturday, September 18, 2010

a long awaited update

an update at sorry to all you followers...i have been crazy busy. Lane is doing exceptionally well. Since coming home with the trach, he is so happy. He smile constantly and has started holding up his head really well. He does have an infection in his trach. Thank the Lord for insurance because a ten day supply of antibiotics was 2250. I was shocked. Nursing is suppose to start this week so we will finally get to get back on trach with roger working full time. Part time has been a killer. School is well for me though juggling a house, a baby, and an intense school load has been a little stressful on me. Lane is up to fifteen pounds, he has grown so much from that little 4lb 12oz newborn. I am so thankful for him, he is such a good baby. We head back to indy on thursday for a check up and I am going to push them to start checking his vocal cords and do some swallow studies in hopes of getting him on the bottle and off the trach soon! We will see how it goes. Other than that there is really no new info. The trach has become a part of our life and is so simple. Not hearing him cry has become a norm for us and we tune into every little sound he makes, be it a movement or a breath, so I wake up at night when he is awake just because his breathing is different. Life is good for the Deisher family and i want to thank you all for your prayers that have made that possible. I'm posting a little entry here and some pictures. I will make an attempt to update after Lanes appointment, but no promises. God Bless.

someone asked my mom why is it i, the good kid who goes to college, makes straight a's, and got married before having kids, got a baby with problems and answer....god gives these very special babies to the people he knows will take care of them and love them, the ones that are strong enough to withstand anything and fight ANYONE for their child, yet weak enough to crumble at every smile, tear, and laugh. He chooses the ones who maybe believe a little less...then breaks them down till they can see only HIM and find their way...the ones selfish enough to take a moment to themselves because if they didnt they would fail greatly....God KNOWS what he is doing when he gives babies their home...he doesnt make mistakes, people do, God gave me Lane for a reason that I'm not even sure of, but if I could change it, make him healthy, i wouldnt because he has taught me more about life than anything else....mommy loves you with her whole heart baby boy

mommy and lane

kisses from mommy

going to grandmas