Thursday, April 21, 2011


Hello everyone,
Not the update I wanted to give you all but we are back in the hospital. Lane started having a lot of secretions a couple days ago that led to a fever and a cough. We decided to bring him to er last night and he has pneumonia so here we are admitted to the hospital for a few days. The nurse came in and said that he has some bacteria in his blood so we are waiting to see what comes of that. Please keep Lane in your prayers for a quick recovery!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

1 year old...

Lane turned one yesterday. It is so hard for me to believe a whole year has passed. This year has been filled with extreme hardships and sorrow but also with joy, success, tons of love, happy tears, and the great enjoyment of our precious little boy. Looking back I never could have imagined how amazing Lane would be. We started his life with hard news. Drs saying he would not live past six months, had severe brain damage, and other abnormalities was hard to swallow those first few days. Turns out we didn't need to "swallow" any of it. I wish those drs could have seen him yesterday. Laughing, opening his presents, and eating his yummy cup cake. Life is amazing with Lane it. God granted Roger and I with a gift far beyond our imagination. He gave us Lane knowing how special he would be. Last night I rocked my baby boy to sleep. A year ago I longed to hold him and thinking of how much a miracle he is brought tears to my eyes. Lord I'm sending up a special thanks to You for choosing me and Roger to be Lane's parents. Every child is special, but I think we got an extra special one. ;) Now for some pictures of course. Lane's party is this weekend so I will give some pictures then too! I can't believe my baby is 1!!!!!
P.S. Thank you all for your support of our family for a year!

First Born   


First time being held...

First Outfit...



christmas morning


Big Boy 

bath time

birthday cupcake


Mommy and Lane..

It's been an amazing year and I am certain the rest of our lives will be just as amazing! We love you baby boy, thanks for being so awesome!