Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Break Update!

It's been forever, I know! I am just going to send out a HUGE apology to all of you for such a big gap in blogging! Life has been a little crazy, in a good way, lately and unfortunately the blog has taken the back burner. I finally finished this last semester of nursing school so only one more semester left for me! I started a part time job also this last month or so. Just in case school, work, and being a mommy and wife wasn't keeping me busy I signed up for a half marathon! Why I decided I could run 13.1 miles I am really not certain, but I am going to in April! I am super excited to say I will be running for Team Spina Bifida at the Kentucky Derby marathon in April!!! I have started training for this race and am determined to run this for my little man. He is the true motivator behind this. Every mile I run, every step I take is for him. For the days when standing one more minute kills him, but he does it anyway. For when he wants to walk so bad and it is so hard, but he tries his best and does it. It's all about him, because every mile I can run has no comparison to the mountains he climbs every day.

Daddy is also on the move to fitness! He is working hard to shred some pounds and get in shape so I have to say how very proud I am of the progress he has made (though he refuses to run a half marathon)!

Now for the one you really want to hear about. Lane is awesome! He has progressed so much so fast lately. He started pulling up about a month or two ago and quickly started crawling on his hands and knees. He is now about 50/50 on army crawling and four point crawling. The biggest news (if you didn't catch it earlier) is Lane is taking steps with his walker!!!! With a little supervision and occasional support he can walk across my living room, which is really big. Without any help he is going about 6ft! This is absolutely amazing and I get so excited EVERY time! My little guy never fails to surprise me. Lane is also into everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. Nothing is safe now and it seems I can't baby proof enough, but I love it! He is starting to sign and talk a little. I am still hopeful this trach will be out before summer so he will be talking soon, but we are starting sign language just in case. He is picking it up fast and seems to like the extra ability to communicate. We also added on occupational therapy to work with his feeding skills as he chokes quite a bit. So far Lane is not too happy about it so progress is really slow. I have faith in our new OT and I am praying that he will be more accepting of her soon! We are headed to spina bifida clinic tomorrow so hopefully since I am on break I can get that update in here! Here are a few pics to hold you over until I get my camera uploaded, hopefully with the tomorrow post?! Merry Christmas!

Standing at the Window

At the toy box WITHOUT braces!

Always Happy!

Latest endeavor....climbing!

more to come....