Friday, July 26, 2013


Hi everyone we have some major updating to do! I can't believe I have been so lax since September. Lane has lots of news for everyone! I'll start with the fact that Lane is three now! I cannot believe my baby is three, where did the time go? Lane started preschool this spring and after a couple weeks he really loved it! He loved interacting with the other kids and I saw some major changes in the short time that he went. Developmentally Lane is kicking some major spina bifida but! Lane currently is excelling in speech. Yep you read that right our little man who couldn't make any noise until after he turned two has in one year far surpassed children his age in the language department. He talks like a little adult and tested at a six year old level in his language skills this spring. Lane was lagging behind cognitively during his preschool assessment but has taken some major strides this summer and is now making gains and ahead of kids his age in this area. We are currently counting to 11 perfectly and working on to twenty with some reminders every now and then. He knows his ABC's and loves to "write" holding a pencil correctly already! There is so much more he does but these were some major things we were working on! Mobility wise Lane is rocking! Seriously! We have crutches ordered and our therapist thinks it will be a matter of weeks before Lane is walking with his crutches. Lane walks well with his walker although he is a little pokey in public due to the fact he has to talk to EVERYONE he passes! He is really close to walking holding on to one hand instead of two as well! Now for the big one....Lane has recently started standing completely unassisted!!! We are beyond thrilled with this and he stands for longer periods of time every day! He is super excited about this new trick as well and shows everyone thats around!

Lane is enjoying his summer playing outside and getting dirty. He started riding horses with daddy and by himself (with daddy assisting) this spring and absolutely loves it. He is really into planes, animals, and guns(hunting) right now. Lane loves to help work on trucks with his daddy and uncles too!

Mommy and Daddy are doing well too! The best part of this summer has been a big one. Lane's now a big brother! We welcomed a beautiful, healthy baby girl into our family on July 9th and Lane is a great big brother! Emily Grace arrived weighing in at 7lbs 9oz and 20in long, a great deal bigger than her big brother was! We are all doing great and I will attempt to update this more often! Now for some pictures!

Riding my horse with daddy in my jammies

Lane and Emily

 Waiting to meet his sister!
He is a great big brother!

Meeting Emily for the first time!

Yep I can stand all by myself!

Playing in the pool!

Driving my Uncle Jordans tractor! I'm a little country boy!

Lane was the ring bearer at his Nana's wedding this spring! This is him with mommy!

Meet Emily!

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